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Greater than the Great Wall of China

27 Jan

What’s the greatest engineering feat of the old times? You may say the Pyramids, or the Great Wall of China, but I beg to differ. It should be The Grand Canal, also from China. The oldest parts of this canal dates back to the 5th century. Among all the ancient engineering feats, this stands out because this is still in use up to this day.


-Tyrel Jonas Mora


Another wonder of coconut oil

25 Jan

I just wanna share this article I’ve read a couple of days ago about the wonder of coconut! Yes! aside from its numerous benefits, another one is added, and it is the use of its oil as a fuel. According to experiments, we found that coconut oil can be a replacement for diesel. However, studies show that appropriate diesel -coconut oil mixture gives the best result. Try to check out the link above.

Blog Entries

24 Jan

Blog Entry 3:


Energy efficient technologies are the trend these days. Being eco-friendly is the primary focus of all the new innovations being released in the market, and sometimes the cost of the product is compromised because of this.

Luckily, for those who plan to build their dream houses or those who just are opting to renovate homes, there’s a new product that may pique your interest.

The product is a roof and attic insulation system. It’s packed to promote the reduction of electric consumption in a household by a significant amount. Not only is it able to reduce electric bills, it is also a very high-tech system which can regulate the temperature of the household.

Here’s the link!


A Great Movie for College Students

24 Jan

3 Idiots.

This is a movie about Engineering students trying to overcome the challenges they encounter while studying in college. This movie would surely help us students in living our college lives. I suggest we should watch this movie in our class in order for us to unwind for a while. After all, this would just not make us smile or laugh but will inscribe some lessons in our lives. I’m pretty sure we’ll learn from it.

-Mervin DC. Monteloyola

24 Jan

here’s a research on how to utilize slag as an alternative for portland cement, perhaps aside from being competitive in terms of quality against portland cement, use of slag for concrete is a great solution to waste disposal problems. Instead of being a landfill, it will turn slag to something more useful!

Simone A Del Rosario

Portland Cement

24 Jan

Yes, another portland cement substitute is needed!!

The problem with Portland cement

• Cement production is the third ranking producer of CO˙ in the world after transport and energy generation.
• Cement production is responsible for 7-10% of the world’s total CO˙ emission and 2% of that produced in the UK (according to the BCA).
• For every ton of cement produced, approx. 1 ton of CO˙ is produced from chemical reaction and the burning of fossil fuel.
• The UK produces around 12,000,000 tonnes of cement per annum
• Cement production is increasing worldwide by approx. 5% per annum. -from the article.


-Simone  A Del Rosario

24 Jan

Yes, according to experts, in some years from now, there might exist a supply shortage of portland cement. Thus, there is an urgent need to find for its substitute. And one of it is the fly ash cement. It is actually a waste product from factories all over the world.. Imagine, using this will answer the portland cement shortage problem, and at the same time, will help solve garbage disposal problems.


Simone A Del Rosario