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Attending An Expo

27 Mar

Last February 27, 2011, I attended the Innovations for Business Expo. At first, I was really clueless what to expect and find it valueless. But, I appreciate the event when I go there. I believe expo’s are made to showcase the emerging new businesses or products to the customers. In the expo, I saw products from different regions of the country and also innovative technologies from well-known scientists. Some of the products I saw are Ironmate, an energy saver for flat iron, and Sea Cucumber Powder, a product which reduces arthritis pain especially osteoarthritis.

Also, I was required to attend an exhibit called The 16th World Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (World BEX): Emerging Technologies and Design Towards a Holistic Paradigm. In the event, I saw different products which are all environment-friendly. Below is one of the photoessays I made for the requirement.


Gideon Valdez

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Cooling up From Burnout

27 Mar

Success measures how busy the minds and works of every entrepreneur. But over-fatiguing yourself to work will really make some damage. According to studies, most entrepreneurs visit their doctors because of stress-related issues. You have to RELAX!

Here are some tips given by Matthew Toren to prevent yourself from a burnout:

1. Exercise more than just your brain. As an entrepreneur, you’re continuously giving your brain a workout, but don’t forget about your body.  One of the best ways to reduce stress is to stay in good physical shape.

2. Watch what you’re putting in your gullet. Watching your diet is important. Busy entrepreneurs grab a quick bite on the go. Something as simple as cutting down on high-sugar snacks and drinks can make a big difference in how you feel.

3. Don’t go it alone. Consider finding one or more virtual assistants or freelancers to help you out.  You’ll not only pay less than you would for employees, but the time you’ll free up will allow you to concentrate more on the things that are making you income.

4. Get social. A necessary ingredient in a truly fulfilled life is to set aside time to participate in activities that you enjoy and are completely unrelated to your work.  The key is to have some fun while focusing on something other than your business.

5. Manage the clock. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but we definitely don’t all make the most of that time.  Try grouping all similar tasks so you aren’t hopping all over the place and can focus on one area until you’re ready to move to the next.




Gideon Valdez

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Getworking with “GET”

27 Mar

Networking is something that is important in a business because it give you something that your company doesn’t have. If you don’t have networks and you want one, try using the GETworking approach.

GETworking is an acronym as stated by Adam Toren and he explained what does it stand for:

“G” – Give to get

Find an organization, group or charity to which you can volunteer. Partnering or sponsoring can build good PR for your company and brand. Ask to become a board member for a nonprofit organization. The contacts made will be invaluable.

“E” – Expect a Different Kind of ROI

Business is based on making money but money is not the only thing. The people that you connect with may not lead to an immediate sale but plant seeds for the future. It’s surprising how people will remember you, and business will follow.

“T” – Train and be Trained

Sharing your expertise with others with seminars and training can make potential customers better appreciate your product or service and buy it. When the customer has knowledge and confidence in your product or service, it’s much easier to sell and upsell.

In GETworking, you are presenting an offer to help others BEFORE you ask for anything.




Gideon Valdez

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Flower Power!!!!!!!!!!!

26 Mar

Usually, when wind power is mentioned, what can be imagined are the big fan like structures that occupy a wide area. I even remember in one of the shows that I have seen, they interviewed a resident near the wind farm to be built in the area. According to the interview, the resident did not like the idea of having a wind farm near them due to the imposing figure it would have on the landscape. It’s like, they are just so bulky.

As a solution to this problem, Power Flowers were designed by NL Architects. This structure uses turbines designed by Urban Green Energy. These turbines are not that efficient compared to the bulky ones, but an advantage of using their kind is that they can be used in more compact spaces such as parks and cities.


Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Panels

26 Mar

Going green does not have to be so expensive anymore.

In the new processing method of solar panels being developed, laser is used to produce thin film solar panels that are much cheaper but more efficient than what is available in the market today.

This study, however is still in progress and is estimated to continue up to three years.

To read more, visit this website:

Banana Peelters (Filters)

26 Mar

Yes, you read it right. Banana peels can be used to purify water. How?

A research published in the Journal of American Chemical society claims that banana peels can be used to remove heavy metals from river water when it is mashed. This finding is very important since, banana peels, are an economical way of removing heavy metals, some of which are harmful when ingested, from water. Aside from being cheap, banana peels can also be used up to 11 times, without a decrease in its cleansing capacity.

You can read more about this from:

Innovations Expo

26 Mar

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