1 Mar

Blog Post # 3, Fatima R. Cipriano


*This post isn’t actually related to CE22.

But hey! Since it’s already March, that means exams are piling up and we all have tests, probsets and business proposals to do! So here’s a not-so-random GIF set so we can all be entertained and be inspired(?) perhaps.

When the teacher is solving in front, I’m like:

When I can’t understand the lesson I’m like:

But when I understood the lesson I’m like:

When there’s a quiz, me and my friend will sit next to each other:

When it’s already our exam, I’ll be like:

When I failed the exam, I’ll be like:

But when I passed:

So I hope each and every one of us will aim to have perfect (or even just pasado) grades so we can be merry like those little yellow minions up there.

And, yeah, I admit that I failed to find a decent and interesting engineering economy-related post. 😐

Source: Tumblr


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