Engineering dropouts

9 Mar

It’s not until my fourth year that I appreciated my degree program in ECE. It’s not until my fourth year that I appreciated computer programming. It’s not until I saw clearly how the technologies we are playing at works that I appreciated all of it.

I don’t know if this is also true here in the Philippines, maybe limited to some correlation, but apparently in United States there is a 50% dropout rate among engineering students. Main reasons are 1) The first years are filled with fundamental theories which students don’t see any connection to a career in engineering, and 2) The professors are more interested in their research than in teaching their students (Source)

Let’s look at UP (well, at least for my department, EEEI)

1) First years are filled with hard theories with little discussions on how they contribute to practical applications. Check.

2) Only few professors in EEEI genuinely love teaching students. Check.

These are my personal opinions though, so any counter-argument you’ll make is invalid 🙂

I wonder why I did not drop out from my department. Hmmm. Computer Science is more interesting for me right now.

– Tyrel Jonas Mora


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