Good engineering saved lives in Japan.

12 Mar

Strict building codes saved thousands of lives in Japan. Here’s a news for it:

And here is a video of dancing buildings.

You see, those buildings have shock absorbing pads and a massive metallic ball at the base.  The pads allow the buildings to “sway” with the quake wave, but swinging too much in one direction isn’t good as well. So an electronic circuit senses the current inclination and attempts to straighten up the building again by moving the massive ball which balances out the inclination. Sensor and control baby!!

Here in the Philippines, I think these kind of buildings don’t exist. (Correct me if I’m mistaken). So knowing that the last major earthquake here in Manila happened more than a hundred years ago, and that a major earthquake happens in Metro Manila once every a hundred years on average, I can only hope that upon my graduation, I could find a company housed in a bungalow facility. Seriously. Ya, really.

– Tyrel Jonas Mora


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