3 Social Networking Mistakes

13 Mar

Social networking, for entrepreneurs, is a new medium of market. You can find people who are interested in your business. But if you use this the incorrect way, it’s gonna be a waste of time and you’ll end up being inefficient. Below are some mistakes commited by entrepreneurs and their corresponding solutions by Annie Mueller:


1. Spreading yourself too thin.

Every new social networking platform offers a new opportunity, and entrepreneurs find it difficult to pick just a couple and focus on those. But failing to focus puts you in the impossible position of trying to keep up with far more than you can.

Solution: Pick two or three social networking venues and focus on building your relationships within that network

2. Mixing personal and professional social worlds.

There’s nothing wrong with having a personal, friendly tone as part of your professional network. There is a problem when you’re recounting last night’s bar adventure via your professional Twitter account, or posting photos of your dog, your kids, and your newly stained deck, you’re mixing things up too much.

Solution: The bottom line? No matter how cute that photo of your dog is, or how funny that joke was, if it’s not directly related to your business, leave it off your professional social networks.

3. Failing to outsource

You’ve had to do it all, you’re smart enough to figure it out, so why would you pay out your dwindling capital to have someone else do it for you? The reason is simple, and you’ve heard it before: your time is money.

Solution: Outsourcing the details of social networking does not have to bust your entrepreneurial budget. Hit Craigslist with an ad and you can get a money-hungry student to do in a couple of hours what might have taken you a couple of weeks.





Gideon Valdez

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