Entrepreneurial Skills

13 Mar

To be a successful entrepreneur means to be adaptive to all circumstances. Below are the essential skill an entrepreneur must have to adapt in today’s challenges:

Decision Making – An entrepreneur must be decisive in terms of marketing, funding and other financial aspects of business. To learn from mistakes in the past is a must.

People Skills – Relationship is the core foundation to build up your business. You must be confident, not arrogant, in presenting yourself to the business world.

Planning – “Fail to plan is a plan to fail”, this also applies in the business. A skilled business planner should not just be good in planning but also in implementing those plans.

Sales – Selling the product is the most critical part in the process. An entrepreneur must possess a good marketing skills to sell the ideas or products presented.

Communication – This is the most important of all. This skill is the execution of all other skills above. You need to have this since a good business means a good communication with customers, colleagues and many more





Gideon Valdez

(Blog Post 6)


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