Moon Hoax?

14 Mar

Recently, I’ve heard a few people talking about how NASA faked everything regarding the lunar landing. I tried my best (and I managed) to not tell them outright that they are wrong (something about being courteous, methinks).

There are several explanations that debunk the commonly abused details used by conspiracy theorists, one of which, is something that I have commonly experienced during the times that I have to take pictures in with bright subjects (adjusting the shutter time to a value ranging from 1/60 s to 1/2000 s). This method may allow one to precisely capture the colors of the subject but can cause the darker background to become dark (perhaps too dark that it becomes just a black background)- the same reason why there aren’t any stars that can be noticed in the photos of the lunar landing.

It’s quite frustrating that some people have revived the once dead conspiracy theory just to get more viewers to their channel (I’m looking at you, Fox).


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