Time and Economy

14 Mar

Ever missed a flight because you were too late arriving for the departure? If you missed the flight then you won’t arrive on time to your destination.

Ever missed an important meeting because you were late? If you missed the meeting then you missed the opportunity to take part in the discussion.

Ever missed an engagement with a customer? Missing customer engagements could mean you lose the customer.

Ever missed your spouse birthday because you were too busy to pay attention? Missing such an event means it wasn’t important enough to make it your priority. Being late can cause problems which then sucks up your time trying to solve the problem.

Being late means you missed something that could be very important to your business, your life and your relationships. Being late to a conversation could mean you missed what was being discussed. What is discussed may be extremely relevant to your intentions to do something, anything with someone or everyone.

Being Late to Market

If you have a great idea, a new product or significant news about your business you don’t want to be late bringing the information to the market. Being late means someone else could beat your idea or new product by informing the market before you do. Chasing markets and competitors is a difficult and non-productive task. Having markets and competitors chase you is more productive and a better position. Consider Steve Jobs strategy. He is never late because he is usually first. His communications to the marketplace disrupts markets and causes everyone to chase that which he creates. In other words he is never late rather always first.




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