Blog Entry 11

16 Mar



The pictures posted below are from the concept design of Italian designers Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino, and Luisa Saracino. These pictures are featured in!5750823/a-bridge-this-fine++and-eco+friendly++deserves-to-be-made.




This Solar Wind concept design is indeed a jaw-dropping engineering spectacle to behold! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated, classy-looking, and futuristic, it also has wind turbines to facilitate energy production. Unfortunately, the design came only second in a competition to dream up a bridge spanning the Italian areas of Bagnara and Scilla.

The reason? Skeptics are questioning the feasibility of the project’s design; they say that a lot of wind resistance will be experienced by this kind of bridge and that constructing it would require a tremendous amount of money. In my opinion, it will ultimately all boil down to one deciding  factor: Do the pros heavily outweigh the cons?

If yes is the answer to the mentioned inquiry, then the project will go through. The solar highway would stretch 12.4 miles, with the bridge’s wind turbines generating enough electricity to power 15,000 houses a year. Naturally, the solar panels would also generate electricity, and the greenhouses would allow passing drivers to buy roadside fruit and vegetables from indie growers whose stalls are situated safely at the sides.


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