Blog Entry 12

16 Mar

Current Event To Watch Out For: the 16th World Building and Construction Exposition


The Philippines is becoming the most appropriate venue for a wider and comprehensive business interaction. Tarrification and reduction in tariff rates over the past six years have significantly opened the economy to interested investors and business owners. More importantly, the pace of growth of our country shall continue to quicken, making the Philippines an attractive- and safe- business destination.

WORLDBEX 2011 is an international fair that provides a platform for exhibitors to interact with significant customers and key decision makers from the Philippines and all over the world. It will also showcase a wide range of products and services representing the entire spectrum of the construction industry.



Held at the Metro Manila World Trade Center from the 16th until 20th of March 2011, it will be a very good opportunity for anyone interested to look at the various exhibits, seminars, and talks during the span of this prestigious event. Some products flaunted here are: innovations in construction materials, equipments and services, interior designs, renovation products, mechanical and electrical engineering systems, various telecommunications equipment, real estate properties, and the like.

Here’s the link to the said event:


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