Getting Ready For Marketing Strategy

16 Mar

Not being successful in business? Or having a hard time recovering from an extreme downfall? Here are some tips given by Matthew Toren that will surely help you get back on track:


  • To start off with, you must ask yourself who you are and what kind of business you’re in. What are your strengths? Narrow down to one ideal only and don’t try and adopt a scattershot approach.
  • You must match your potential product or service with a market.
  • Remember that a successful business is likely to be a problem solver.
  • When looking to differentiate your business, establish what is the true value proposition for your customer.
  • When presenting your message to market, focus, focus!
  • Communication is key. In an ideal world, you should be able to strike up a relationship with everyone who visits your website by establishing e-mail communication with them.
  • Take time to develop your relationship with existing and new clients.

Business is not always for the right person but for the right person with the right attitude.




Gideon Valdez

(Blog Post 12)


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