BLOG ENTRY #12: Green Boards

24 Mar

CompakBoard panels are manufactured using MDI polyurethane as a binding agent which produces a “Zero Formaldehyde” or “Formaldehyde Free” material. This means that COMPAKBOARD panels have emissions far below the strict E1 European low formaldehyde (LF) standard and the USA (HUD 24) standard. COMPAKBOARDS are therefore suitable for specification in environmentally sensitive areas such as schools, nurseries, hospitals, public buildings, laboratories, museums and nursing homes, or any domestic application where the end user has concern for their living environment.

PhilCOMPAK’s top of the line technology is a product of efficient, cost-saving processes developed through years of painstaking research and experimentations. Given a grant by the British government for innovative venture with Ecology at its heart, Compak Systems finally succeeded in utilizing renewable agricultural and industrial tree fibers as raw materials for high quality boards replacing dwindling supply of dipterocarp based products.

PhilCOMPAK manufactures superior quality High Density Fiber Board (HDF), from agro-forest wood fibers. Production line runs a continuous dry-processing system avoiding environmental pollution. Its process was tested by Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI) for having exceeded Philippine Standards. Variations on fiber sizing, panel material density and resin dosage are used to engineer the finished product qualities specifically for the required application.

-marc domingo


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