A draft of hope for the public transport sector.

26 Mar

We all know that there had been a diesel price increase since last February which led to the sudden increase of jeepney fare as well. Good enough, I’ve read from this article that there is an on-going processing of the draft executive ordering fuel assistance to public utility drivers. It is trying to provide fuel subsidy in the public transport sector of the country. They will be providing a monthly amount of 1050PhP, 1200PhP, and 180PhP for jeepneys, buses, and tricycles, respectively. Although this amount is definitely small compared with their monthly expenses in their vehicles, it would still be very beneficial, as long as they are given tax-less and only to legitimate operators. This fuel assistance will be implemented this coming April.

I honestly think that this is a good idea. As also stated in the article, these small things will still go a long way. A help, whether big or small, is still a help. It will still benefit the people one way or another. This is a very exciting news since the public transport sector can be relieved, they have something to look forward when this executive order will be put into reality.

(Blog Entry #15)


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