Back-to-back-to-back world’s top automaker.

26 Mar

For three consecutive years, Toyota still holds the title of being the world’s top automaker. In 2010 alone, Toyota sold 8.42 M vehicles despite the quality issues it encountered back in 2008. Second on the list, General Motors (GM), sold 8.39 M, close fight between the two. GM had the spot for nearly eight decades until Toyota grabbed the top spot. However, both car manufacturers announced that they are not after defeating one from the other, but rather, it’s all about being number one by the car buyers.

This increase was because of the Asian nations–like China–who are driven by solid sales growth in buying vehicles from the said car company. Even here in our country, I really think that Toyota is number 1. Just by merely looking at the streets, Toyota vehicles are the most common, even in taxi cabs. I think that they already have the name for us, consumers, to trust the quality of their products.

This made me think. Of the number of cars and dollars these companies are collecting, what else do they do with it? Toyota is a Japan-based company, do they give back or even just merely help the people attacked by the tsunami and earthquake that happened weeks ago? I REALLY HOPE SO. 🙂

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