Billionaires at their 50’s.

26 Mar

Two Filipinos made it to Forbes magazine elite list of global billionaires. A Filipino. For real. They are Ricky Razon and Andrew Tan, who were just in their 50’s, but still made their way to become billionaires. They both came from a rich family but still, without hard work and patience, they won’t make it to where they are right now.

Ricky Razon inherited the wealth of his father Pocholo Razon Sr., a sportsman who founded the original company International Container Terminal Services Inc., in 1987. However, it was still Ricky who strove hard in making their business international. In time, everything paid off, their company even reached the coasts of Brazil and Madagascar. His net worth was estimated to be about $1.1 billion. On the other hand, Andrew Tan, known for his Megaworld real estate development company. He also started small, but being a good businessman (he’s Chinese obviously), he also made his way to the top. Tan’s worth is estimated at $2.2 billion!

Dint of hard work and keen business savvy is still the best way in becoming one good businessman. It’s not just for people born in a rich family. Persistence and hard work is still the number one requirement. The full article is published here.

This is my last entry in CE 22. (Blog Entry #18)


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