Book: Story of Stuff

26 Mar

One of our classmates has already posted about the Story of Stuff. Indeed, the “hidden” facts presented by Annie Leonard serves as an eye-opener to everyone. We, consumers, tend to overlook a lot of happenings during the production of our wants and needs. Our interest is centered only with the price, item quality and the purpose it serves. We fail to see the exact process beginning from the acquisition of raw materials up to the disposal of the products we use.

It is a blessing that we are presented with this information that our consumerist and materialist perspective be changed completely towards a socially and environmentally-aware outlook.

Annie Leonard has published a really good book in support of her advocacy. Fortunately for us, her publication has reached our shores. National Bookstores already has copies of this book. Reading it is highly recommended and I personally hope that it doesn’t only become a good read but an eye-opening tool towards the realization of what exactly is happening in the materials economy.

– F. Flores


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