Fuel from Carbon Dioxide and Sunlight

26 Mar

Lately, various studies have been made to search for alternative fuels that won’t compete with the food supply, won’t be easily depleted, won’t produce greenhouse gases and basically, fuels that won’t add to the current problems faced by humanity.

Fuel is derived from hydrocarbons (long chains of C and H) which can be combusted in order to release heat. Researchers in the University of Minnesota, were able to identify two types of bacteria, which utilize carbon dioxide and sunlight in order to produce hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons, in turn, can be converted into fuels.

This can solve the problem with excessive release of carbon dioxide which can harm the environment. The only question is that, when the fuel obtained is burnt, doesn’t it release carbon dioxide again. But then, the carbon dioxide released can be used to produce new fuel. Anyway, for more relevant information, you can visit this website:



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