The tallest building ever fully envisioned

26 Mar

Blog Post #3 by Christian Rayson Ildesa


After the intense earthquake that plagued Tokyo, none of their tall building collapsed? (Though according to news, some of them swayed.)

You really have to give credit to their engineers, architects and their government for their great building designs that withstood that earthquake.

Another thing you have to give them credit for is envisioning a 2.5-mile high building in the heart of their city.

Yep, you read it right. X-Seed 4000, according to Wikipedia, is the tallest towers ever fully envisioned. It is a eco-friendly high-rise (very very high-rise, IMO) building to be built in Tokyo Harbour. It was even planned to house around 500k-1 million people!

Unfortunately for us and the rest of the human race, this building still is a vision. The company that envisioned and planned it in 1995, Taisei Corp, never really planned it for future use. They did it though, for recognition, and that was what they got.

Sources: Wikipedia, Inhabitat, Funny Potato.


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