Egg House

26 Mar

Blog Post #7 by Christian Rayson Ildesa

For some people, a good house means a big mansion in exclusive villages, or a moderately sized house in moderately exclusive villages.

But for a young Chinese architect, who can’t pay his rent, a house is an egg. Or an egg is a house. Whatever.

Images (c) Oddity Central


Image (c) Mother Nature Network

So, for a few months, Dahai Fei, slept on the sidewalks in his humble egg house. And he survived!


And according to Oddity Central,

“Using very cheap materials the designer built his wacky-looking egg house, and after two months of living in it, he says his quality of life greatly improved. He doesn’t have to worry about paying any rent, he has enough money to go out for coffee or a soda, occasionally, and since he’s moved his egg-house right across from his workplace, he doesn’t spend anything on bus fair. If you’re wondering about Daihai’s hygiene, you should know he’s very careful with his earnings, making sure he always has enough to go swimming, every day after work, where also takes a shower.”

Sources: Oddity Central, Mother Nature Network


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