Saving Up on Expenses: Do I Have to Return Back to Commuting?

26 Mar

Oil prices have been going up drastically the past few weeks. Increases don’t just come by the centavo but at most by half up to a peso. Little increases one might say, yet the effect, extreme in the long run.

I’ve been driving a lot this semester without a clear reality of oil price hike consequences. I thought of those centavo increases as, “Konti lang yan.” Although it seemed like that fact didn’t bother me, the feeling of comfort wasn’t what I had either. As the prices continued to rise, it soon caused me to worry.

I used to commute pretty much daily. From my residence outside the metro, my parents would drop me off at the MRT station and I would take the train to Quezon Ave. Then, a jeepney ride would complete my one way trip to the university. Convenient as it may look but the other part of my daily trip is far from a pleasing experience. Four jeeps and a trike ride would take me home. Tiring. Absolutely tiring. Before college, I never thought that I’d be spending so much of my allowance and my physical energy in transportation. Moreover, much of my time supposedly spent on leisure, studying and rest have been put to waste. I may even want to add the pollution involved with that trip of just going home. Unpleasant. Really.

Soon, I learned to drive with the motivation of being more in control of my life avoiding the combined package of unnecessary stops, air pollution and waiting time of passengers provided when riding the jeep. My comfort level and productivity suddenly increased. The time it takes me for a one-way trip was reduced by half. The effect was significantly positive! I could no longer imagine myself going back to my old routine. “ASA!”

Now, it all boils down to whether or not I’d continue exchanging money for all the good things I can get.



– F. Flores



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