The Sleeping Giant Awakens

26 Mar

I believe that China isn’t the “Sleeping Giant” anymore. It finally awakens from the deep sleep it went through. We all know that China already has a booming economy that might probably be a threat to those on top. Its economic growth has lifted incomes and gave its people more quality time for themselves.

“China recorded more than 1.9 billion domestic tourist trips in 2009, up from 280 million in 1990, with increasing numbers booking online in a country with a world-leading 457 million Internet users,” says BusinessWorld Online. They really are awakened. Travel might be their number one source of economic growth due to increased number of tourists and foreign investors.

Just a thought, when can Philippines rise above others just like China? Hahaha. I’m still optimistic on that matter. 😛 If China can, Philippines can do it as well. We also have a lot of tourist’s spot that we can brag to everybody. Haha, I hope so. 🙂

Reference here.

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