The State of Mining Industry, an alternative classroom learning experience.

26 Mar

This entry was about my reactions regarding the ACLE I attended last February. Our Geol 11 prof gave bonus points for anyone in the class who attended the said class and submit a reaction paper. It was about the status of the mining industry here in the Philippines.

The discussion held  at the Institute of Biology was an eye opener for people, like me, who don’t even had the idea of what is happening in the mining industry here in the Philippines. The speakers talked about the present status of the biodiversity in the country as well as the present status of our mining industry. It was just a short 2-hour discussion yet facts were stated clearly—that we must be aware of the consequences if we did not properly organize the rules and regulations regarding mining in different sites in the Philippines. The talk did not fail to clarify that anti-mining is definitely NOT the key to the degradation of our natural resources. They clearly stated that they’re not disagreeing with mining in the Philippines. In fact, mining has its own benefits for our country that could greatly help the success of the Philippines.

I agree to it as well. In my own opinion, the government really has to pay attention in this issue. It may not seem like a priority unlike poverty issues and jeepney fare increase, but this is an urgent issue. In fact, this is timely since there has been an issue regarding the mining in Palawan. I have been reading Facebook posts telling people to sign the petition disagreeing with the said activity in Palawan. The organizers also distributed papers regarding the stand of a certain environmental group regarding this issue. Yes, the government “must implement a nationwide moratorium on new large scale foreign mining projects and operations to save our environment from further destruction” (Kalikasan-PNE). This will greatly help in controlling the mining projects of foreign countries so that the sustainability of our environment will be fulfilled.

I really think that the ACLE regarding this will serve as a clarification for us, students, to pause from our busy, individual lives and start thinking in a macro scale. That we must be aware of the bigger picture and start thinking of the future generation of our country. Are they going to see a dry, super used land in the future? I really hope not.

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