Water-fuelled Car?

26 Mar

There have been numerous claims of inventors and companies being able to manufacture vehicles to run only with WATER as fuel. With the oil prices rising, it’s definitely a life-saver to switch to cost-effective ways and the sight of a water-fuelled car would definitely be a breather. Even so, does this technology really exist?

In the Philippines, an inventor named Daniel Dingel has claimed to have made his car run with water serving as fuel. His invention has already hit the media and was even featured in a local television news show. His invention composed of two reactors splitting water into its components, hydrogen and oxygen triggering combustion. Unfortunately for him, his claim has been considered a hoax by the Department of Science and Technology and several others.

(image taken from his website)

It was not only Daniel Dingel who was unable to capture the support and convince the minds of the public. Several others around the globe has failed to actually prove the existence of such technology.

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This link describes the theoretical process in the proposed technology and several details about the inventors who attempted to venture in this marvel.

Japan’s Genepax Water Car






– F. Flores


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