Getworking with “GET”

27 Mar

Networking is something that is important in a business because it give you something that your company doesn’t have. If you don’t have networks and you want one, try using the GETworking approach.

GETworking is an acronym as stated by Adam Toren and he explained what does it stand for:

“G” – Give to get

Find an organization, group or charity to which you can volunteer. Partnering or sponsoring can build good PR for your company and brand. Ask to become a board member for a nonprofit organization. The contacts made will be invaluable.

“E” – Expect a Different Kind of ROI

Business is based on making money but money is not the only thing. The people that you connect with may not lead to an immediate sale but plant seeds for the future. It’s surprising how people will remember you, and business will follow.

“T” – Train and be Trained

Sharing your expertise with others with seminars and training can make potential customers better appreciate your product or service and buy it. When the customer has knowledge and confidence in your product or service, it’s much easier to sell and upsell.

In GETworking, you are presenting an offer to help others BEFORE you ask for anything.




Gideon Valdez

(Blog Post 16)


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