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Flower Power!!!!!!!!!!!

26 Mar

Usually, when wind power is mentioned, what can be imagined are the big fan like structures that occupy a wide area. I even remember in one of the shows that I have seen, they interviewed a resident near the wind farm to be built in the area. According to the interview, the resident did not like the idea of having a wind farm near them due to the imposing figure it would have on the landscape. It’s like, they are just so bulky.

As a solution to this problem, Power Flowers were designed by NL Architects. This structure uses turbines designed by Urban Green Energy. These turbines are not that efficient compared to the bulky ones, but an advantage of using their kind is that they can be used in more compact spaces such as parks and cities.



Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Panels

26 Mar

Going green does not have to be so expensive anymore.

In the new processing method of solar panels being developed, laser is used to produce thin film solar panels that are much cheaper but more efficient than what is available in the market today.

This study, however is still in progress and is estimated to continue up to three years.

To read more, visit this website:

Banana Peelters (Filters)

26 Mar

Yes, you read it right. Banana peels can be used to purify water. How?

A research published in the Journal of American Chemical society claims that banana peels can be used to remove heavy metals from river water when it is mashed. This finding is very important since, banana peels, are an economical way of removing heavy metals, some of which are harmful when ingested, from water. Aside from being cheap, banana peels can also be used up to 11 times, without a decrease in its cleansing capacity.

You can read more about this from:

Air Cleaning Tree..pods?

26 Mar

One of the problems faced by different countries is the air quality, especially in cities. Carbon dioxide exhausts from industrial factories, cars, even in household cooking, contribute to the greenhouse effect Actually, if carbon dioxide is released in reasonable quantities, trees and plants can serve as filters which remove some of it from the atmosphere. But then this is not the case. As a solution to this problem, in Boston, treepods are being used to remove excess carbon dioxide from the air.

The treepods use an alkaline resin that reacts with air and removes the carbon dioxide it contains. Interesting isn’t it. Aside from cleaning the air, treepods can also serve as decorations. Lighting up different streets during the night.


The Pearl

26 Mar

No, this is not the book written by John Steinbeck. “The Pearl” is the name of the new eco-friendly housed design made by David Fanchon. (David Fanchon is also known for the Domespace house) The Pearl is a new design aimed to maximize passive solar energy by integrating solar panels to the structure of the house. The panels can also be adjusted so that their energy collection capacity can be optimized; very much suitable for the changing seasons. Additional details in the structure on the house can also enhance its eco-friendliness (example of details: tanks that can collect rain water, geothermal heating systems, etc)

Since the days in our country are almost always sunny, this kind of house is very much suitable to our country. This might even help us save a significant amount in our electricity bills.

For additional reading, visit the following websites:

Fuel from Carbon Dioxide and Sunlight

26 Mar

Lately, various studies have been made to search for alternative fuels that won’t compete with the food supply, won’t be easily depleted, won’t produce greenhouse gases and basically, fuels that won’t add to the current problems faced by humanity.

Fuel is derived from hydrocarbons (long chains of C and H) which can be combusted in order to release heat. Researchers in the University of Minnesota, were able to identify two types of bacteria, which utilize carbon dioxide and sunlight in order to produce hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons, in turn, can be converted into fuels.

This can solve the problem with excessive release of carbon dioxide which can harm the environment. The only question is that, when the fuel obtained is burnt, doesn’t it release carbon dioxide again. But then, the carbon dioxide released can be used to produce new fuel. Anyway, for more relevant information, you can visit this website:

Charging… Charging.. (repeat 100x)

26 Mar

Tired of waiting for your laptops to be fully charged? Tired of counting minutes, hours, until you are able to get hold of your gadgets again outside the circle made by your charger wire? Wait no more..

A new battery technology being developed, allows batteries to be charged within minutes. Researchers in the University of Illinois are currently developing a new battery that gives a capacitor-like power with a battery-like energy. One implication of this, if this project is successful is that, electric cars, which uses batteries, need not be charged for hours anymore.