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Attending An Expo

27 Mar

Last February 27, 2011, I attended the Innovations for Business Expo. At first, I was really clueless what to expect and find it valueless. But, I appreciate the event when I go there. I believe expo’s are made to showcase the emerging new businesses or products to the customers. In the expo, I saw products from different regions of the country and also innovative technologies from well-known scientists. Some of the products I saw are Ironmate, an energy saver for flat iron, and Sea Cucumber Powder, a product which reduces arthritis pain especially osteoarthritis.

Also, I was required to attend an exhibit called The 16th World Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (World BEX): Emerging Technologies and Design Towards a Holistic Paradigm. In the event, I saw different products which are all environment-friendly. Below is one of the photoessays I made for the requirement.


Gideon Valdez

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Cooling up From Burnout

27 Mar

Success measures how busy the minds and works of every entrepreneur. But over-fatiguing yourself to work will really make some damage. According to studies, most entrepreneurs visit their doctors because of stress-related issues. You have to RELAX!

Here are some tips given by Matthew Toren to prevent yourself from a burnout:

1. Exercise more than just your brain. As an entrepreneur, you’re continuously giving your brain a workout, but don’t forget about your body.  One of the best ways to reduce stress is to stay in good physical shape.

2. Watch what you’re putting in your gullet. Watching your diet is important. Busy entrepreneurs grab a quick bite on the go. Something as simple as cutting down on high-sugar snacks and drinks can make a big difference in how you feel.

3. Don’t go it alone. Consider finding one or more virtual assistants or freelancers to help you out.  You’ll not only pay less than you would for employees, but the time you’ll free up will allow you to concentrate more on the things that are making you income.

4. Get social. A necessary ingredient in a truly fulfilled life is to set aside time to participate in activities that you enjoy and are completely unrelated to your work.  The key is to have some fun while focusing on something other than your business.

5. Manage the clock. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but we definitely don’t all make the most of that time.  Try grouping all similar tasks so you aren’t hopping all over the place and can focus on one area until you’re ready to move to the next.




Gideon Valdez

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Getworking with “GET”

27 Mar

Networking is something that is important in a business because it give you something that your company doesn’t have. If you don’t have networks and you want one, try using the GETworking approach.

GETworking is an acronym as stated by Adam Toren and he explained what does it stand for:

“G” – Give to get

Find an organization, group or charity to which you can volunteer. Partnering or sponsoring can build good PR for your company and brand. Ask to become a board member for a nonprofit organization. The contacts made will be invaluable.

“E” – Expect a Different Kind of ROI

Business is based on making money but money is not the only thing. The people that you connect with may not lead to an immediate sale but plant seeds for the future. It’s surprising how people will remember you, and business will follow.

“T” – Train and be Trained

Sharing your expertise with others with seminars and training can make potential customers better appreciate your product or service and buy it. When the customer has knowledge and confidence in your product or service, it’s much easier to sell and upsell.

In GETworking, you are presenting an offer to help others BEFORE you ask for anything.




Gideon Valdez

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Self Confidence And Your Business

18 Mar

Self confidence is essential in a business. How can I say? High self confidence ensures you to match the fear inside you and the challenges that come along the process. Below are some of the benefits of self confidence to your business:

Contacts and Connections

With self confidence, you are able to present yourself to others naturally and create a good companionship. And this relationship established will mean a lot to a great business.

Confidence to Say “NO”

To prevent conflicts and expectations, we tend to just agree even if it harms the business. Just make your decisions according to priorities rather than getting engulfed by your insecurities.

Keeping yourself on track

Failure is inevitable. You have to gain confidence to yourself and trust your decisions once more. You have to retreat from negative self images and reinforce your ideas with a brand new start.

Having self confidence is easy if you just trust yourself! 😀



Gideon Valdez

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Standing Out From Competition

17 Mar

Competition always exists. And you have to stand out if you want your business to survive. Here are some tips to stand out from the crowd:

Your Offering – Try to be unique and make your product distinguished from others. It may offer something that other competitors do not have.

Your Service – Offer a distinctive customer service experience. You need to be present at all times to all the needs of the customers to gain their loyalty.

Your Culture or Atmosphere – The atmosphere you create is what communicates to your customers invisibly. So provide a fun and welcoming remarks to your customers.

Above all, it’s you and your company which matter to customers




Gideon Valdez

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The Great Search Engines

17 Mar

Search engines are really helpful for students like us for us to find knowledge from the vast world of cyberspace. But if Google isn’t enough, why don’t you try other search engines?


WolframAlpha – Use this if you need math computations. Users are allowed to see graphs, statistical data, formulas, derivative, integration and so much more.

ClipBlast – YouTube search is limited to videos uploaded to the site. To solve this, ClipBlast allows the users to serach videos across numerous video sharing websites.

PiplThis is good if you want person-focused results. Pipl enables users to search by name, last name, city or country.

There are many more great search engines. Who knows you may end up finding more than you even wanted to know?




Gideon Valdez

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Getting Ready For Marketing Strategy

16 Mar

Not being successful in business? Or having a hard time recovering from an extreme downfall? Here are some tips given by Matthew Toren that will surely help you get back on track:


  • To start off with, you must ask yourself who you are and what kind of business you’re in. What are your strengths? Narrow down to one ideal only and don’t try and adopt a scattershot approach.
  • You must match your potential product or service with a market.
  • Remember that a successful business is likely to be a problem solver.
  • When looking to differentiate your business, establish what is the true value proposition for your customer.
  • When presenting your message to market, focus, focus!
  • Communication is key. In an ideal world, you should be able to strike up a relationship with everyone who visits your website by establishing e-mail communication with them.
  • Take time to develop your relationship with existing and new clients.

Business is not always for the right person but for the right person with the right attitude.




Gideon Valdez

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